Top 5 things when choosing your fiberglass pool model

If you decide to buy a polyester pool, you are definitely looking for information on how to choose the best polyester pool that will meet your expectations. First of all, you need to pay attention to several important factors that will limit the number of options to choose from and make the purchase successful in the long term. What if what, but practice turns out to be decisive here.

I chose the following points as the most important from the perspective of several years of using the fiberglass pool. Of course, I reserve that this is my opinion and your needs and observations may differ from mine. However, I believe that the things I have observed are so universal that you will find it very helpful to include them.

1. Pool shape (Design)

Fiberglass pools exhibition, fiberglass pools showroom. Fiberglass pools in blue color
Fiberglass pools presentation

It is of great importance in relation to the comfort of using the pool. If you want your garden pool to be comfortable to use, child-friendly, suitable for everyday use as well as for family events, then choose the classic, rectangular shape of a polyester pool. The total size of the pool is not the same as the actual usable area. So what if the total length of the pool is 8 meters, if the stairs that go far outwards, additional curvature of the walls, indentations, etc. make the real length you can use less than 6 meters.

You pay for an 8 meter pool and use it as if it were 6 meters. The question is is it worth it? The simple form never gets boring and is always up to date. All temporary fashions and novelties that seem interesting, but are lost in everyday use, quickly disappear from the market or become niche.

My opinion is that when choosing a garden swimming pool, simplicity is what we should be guided by. A regular-shaped polyester pool will never go out of style. It will always look elegant and prestigious. It is easy to adapt to various types of gardens. Its finishing is the easiest and most cost-optimal. Wide, even edges and a 90-degree angle in the corners mean that no matter what material we use: wooden boards, composite boards, concrete tiles, granite tiles or paving stones, in this case the waste will be small, and the time and cost of the entire investment will be the smallest.

2. Pool edges

Wide, even edges of the pool are extremely important. They make the polyester pool more massive, it looks definitely more impressive. It is easy to adapt to it virtually any type of finishing material. There are no gaps, unsightly cuts, uneven levels, etc. This makes the whole project look very aesthetic. Pay attention to the edges of the fiberglass pool you are interested in. Often the edges of the pool do not look aesthetically pleasing, and the manufacturers hide behind the fact that it is a technical surface and does not affect the quality of the entire polyester pool. I do not agree with this.

Your fiberglass pool is supposed to please the eye in every detail and every detail proves the manufacturer of the pool. The pool I received has perfectly straight, smooth, wide edges. It looks great live. It made me want to put a bottle of beer on this edge after finishing the first stage of work. I have to share this photo with you 🙂

Fiberglass pool assembly. Picture shows white, straight edges in white color
Fiberglass pool wide edge

3. Stairs

Corner of fiberglass pool rectangular in blue color with simple, straight stairs
Fiberglass pool stairs

I put the convenience of entering and leaving the pool in the first place here. Stairs must be functional and comfortable to use. From personal experience, I know that most of the time in the garden pool is spent in its front part, especially when we have small children. Roman stairs may be liked, but they are not very comfortable to use. It’s hard to sit on them, hard to put your whole foot on them. Straight stairs, going down perpendicular to the side walls, are definitely a more convenient option.

4. Seating areas

Small fiberglass blue with wide lounge
lounger in the fiberglass pools

In my opinion, the essence of having a garden pool is the possibility of rest and relaxation. A real swimming pool is more than just cooling off on hot days. It is supposed to make us want to spend a long time in the water, and thus extend the time we spend outdoors. For this to happen, we must have a comfortable place to sit or lie down in our polyester pool. With a book, a drink or simply nothing.

A shelf for sitting combined with stairs is a very good solution. Such a shelf or couch can also be built along one of the side walls. Sometimes I come across the opinion that such solutions reduce the swimming surface in the pool. In my opinion, not quite. The size of the water surface does not change, and besides, the pool should be functional and meet the various needs of people using it.

5. Non-slip surface on the stairs

Non-slip surface in the fiberglass pool

This is another element that I think you should pay attention to. It must be done precisely and aesthetically. There must be no stains or unevenness on it. You need to feel comfortable standing on the stairs, but also be sure that you will not slip when entering the pool. The non-slip surface should be flush with the surface of the stairs. Thanks to this, it looks great and emphasizes the quality of the entire polyester pool.

I hope that the elements I have indicated will help you choose the right fiberglass pool for you. Write to me if you have any questions regarding this matter.

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