5 great tips how to buy the fiberglass pool of high quality

There are a lot of fiberglass pools available on the market from many different suppliers. For this reason, making a purchase that will fully meet your expectations does not seem to be an easy thing. That is why I present the following tips. Present them from the point of view of a person operating in the swimming pool industry. But at the same time the user of his own polyester pool. I hope that if you take these tips into account it will narrow down your options. You will also know how to choose high quality fiberglass pool.

You must know that the choice of the fiberglass pool basin is a key element that has the greatest impact on the long-term, trouble-free operation of your pool. Everyone wants their implementation of a garden swimming pool to last for many years. Therefore, use the tips below so that your choice turns out to be fully accurate.

1.Choose a polyester pool made of certified materials

Ask the potential supplier of the polyester pool you intend to purchase about what materials your pool will be made of. You don’t have to be a chemistry expert. However, you must be sure that the type of gelcoat and laminate used in your fiberglass pool are materials for a typical swimming pool purpose. The vinyl ester barrier is extremely important. Its application protects the surface of the pool against the penetration of water through the structure of the basin, and protects against the influence of UV radiation and other factors resulting from constant contact with water. This barrier will keep your polyester pool in excellent condition after many years of use. And that’s what it’s all about.

2. Choose a polyester pool, made perfectly in the smallest detail

Even high-quality materials cannot replace the experience of people responsible for the production of pools and the conditions in which the pool is produced. Your new fiberglass pool must be free from any defects resulting from an incorrect or inaccurate manufacturing process. It must not have any stains, micro-cracks, rough structure on the surface, stains, discoloration, etc. All such places may cause quality problems with the pool basin during operation. How then can you verify the accuracy of your swimming pool if you buy it online and cannot see it live?

Accurate photos are the answer. Only a supplier who is sure of the quality of his fiberglass pool, even boasts of it, has no problem with providing photos taken from a very close distance and almost every detail. You can then see what the pool surface, stairs, edges, corners look like. From a distance, any pool can look good. Photo of the finished pool filled with water can look delightful. There will be time for that. At this stage, you are interested in the quality of the polyester basin and it is important that you can verify it.

High quality pool gelcoat keeps the pool surface expressive and shining
High quality pool gelcoat keeps the pool surface expressive and shining

3. Choose a fiberglass pool with a simple shape.

The simple shape of the pool basin makes it much easier to install. It is easier to support the stairs with concrete blocks and fill the space around the walls with mixture of cement and sand. It is easier to avoid a situation in which there are loose places that are not completely filled with sand and dry concrete. Each such loose place is a risk of stresses that can lead to the pool breaking. High-quality material ensures that the fiberglass pool is resistant to external conditions and looks great for many years, but only in combination with the correct pool assembly it gives a full sense of security.

4. Buy your fiberglass pool from a reliable source

When choosing a fiberglass pool, you need to know its origin. It is best to buy a pool directly from the manufacturer or its representative, who will easily provide you with information on where and by whom the polyester pool you want to buy was produced. This is important because on the market you can meet many suppliers who do not provide contact details and do not want to provide detailed information about the polyester pools they offer. Avoid such providers.

5. Do not look for savings when buying a fiberglass pool basin.

There are many areas when building your fiberglass pool where you can save money. However, do not do this at the stage of buying the pool itself. Because buying the cheapest basin is usually associated with low quality materials from which it was made and the garage method of production. The manufacturer producing high quality fiberglass pool has a properly equipped production hall. It follows strict procedures, sterile conditions prevail in the production hall, and qualified employees are responsible for production.

In production process, such manufacturer uses only materials from recognized suppliers, which is proud of and share information about it. There is no room for any compromises here. All this requires financial outlays, so the pool supplied by such a manufacturer will not be the cheapest. However, it is really worth buying a polyester pool that will not raise any doubts. Even if the purchase price is not the lowest, in the long term, the lack of any operational problems will be the greatest savings.

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