Find out the fiberglass pool construction total cost in european conditions

Fiberglass pool total cost. Everyone who starts the construction of own polyester swimming pool considers this issue in his head and is looking for information that will bring him closer to the total costs he will incur during realizing this project.

See what it consists of and be better prepared to implement your own investment. Look at full list of all costs and scope of works related to the construction of a polyester pool in European conditions

What is the actual fiberglass pool total cost?

I remember asking myself that question. I believe that this is one of the basic questions that we would like to get an answer to when starting any project. As soon as I asked this question, another one immediately popped up:

  • Can I afford to build a polyester pool?
  • What items do I need to put in my budget so I don’t forget anything?
  • How to build a fiberglass pool so as not to overpay, but also not to have to pay twice due to apparent savings?

The construction of a fiberglass pool is a project that requires preparation

At the beginning searching for answers to above questions can give you sleepless nights. As a result I found almost nothing beside some prices from US market. Although, what interested me was information about the approximate total cost of building a fiberglass swimming pool in Europe. Especially in countries such as Poland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. The most common answer was: “it depends on many factors”. I remember my job at a car dealership, when a customer’s question about the price of a car was often answered with the classic “It depends.” Nobody likes to hear that answer. However, to get even closer to giving a more precise answer, you need firstly try to answer a few questions yourself:

  • What budget do I need to build a polyester pool?
  • Can I get additional funds if it turns out to be valuable for the whole project?
  • What is the minimum and maximum pool size that will be suitable for me?
  • What type of pool equipment will meet my and my family needs?
  • Apart from the fiberglass pool, what will you want to do as part of the entire project?
  • What will be my personal contribution to the project apart from finances?

Ask your friends who have completed a project called “Construction of a fiberglass pool” for valuable tips.

As I have said, at first, answering these questions is not easy. But try it. It is a good idea to use the help of neighbors or friends who have already completed the project codenamed “building a polyester pool in your own garden” and can share valuable information and experiences with you. If there are no such people in your environment, then I hope that the list below will be of great help to you. I will present a cost calculation based on my own polyester pool. I am a layman in construction matters, so I relied on external contractors for all the work. However, organizational skills, experience in working with people, planning skills, etc., turned out to be extremely important and cannot be overestimated.

Implementation of the entire project in less than 3 weeks

I chose the rectangular Donar polyester pool with dimensions of 6.50 x 3.00 x 1.55 m from the DreamPools offer for my family of five. More information about the main factors that you should consider when choosing a specific model of a fiberglass pool You can find in article: Top 5 tips on how to choose the best model of a fiberglass pool. The choice of the pool turned out perfect. You can sell fiberglass swimming pools, talk to customers, users, but only having your own swimming pool casts light and shadows on all the issues that you only knew about in theory. Anyway, I’ve had the fiberglass pool for a few years now and to say it’s fantastic is an understatement. I experienced first-hand what a high-quality polyester pool is and what long-term benefits it brings.

Cost estimate for the construction of the Donar fiberglass pool with dimensions of 6.50 x 3.00 x 1.55 m

Rectangular fiberglass pool Donar with dimensions 6,50 x 3,00 x 1,55m in white color

Below are the items that were included in the cost estimate for the construction of my fiberglass pool. Prices are averaged for 2023. The construction of the Donar fiberglass pool in my garden was carried out in Polish conditions. In Germany, Belgium, Sweden or in onther european countries, these values can vary significantly. But still, the summary gives a comprehensive idea and shows all the stages that we must take into account. I would like to come across such a list myself before starting planning the construction of a swimming pool in the garden. I think that such knowledge would reduce the amount of stress associated with uncertainty as to individual steps and would save a lot of time. Well, I hope it helps you.

1. Preparation of the site for the construction of a polyester swimming pool.

It took the excavator operator 2 working days to level the ground and prepare the excavation. Added to this was the loading of the earth and its removal: the entire work at current costs is estimated at around EUR 1,500

Purchase of materials: You can easily get them at any construction warehouse. Basically they will bring directly to the construction site.

1st stage: excavation and foundation slab

Below are all the materials that were used in this step:
– shuttering board 24 M/2 made of cut 18mm OSB boards
– wooden laths from the sawmill 4CM x 6CM 100 running meters
– reinforcement mesh mesh 15/15 size 5MX 2.15 21M/2
– construction foil 25M/2
– 5CM screws 100PCS, 9CM screws 100PCS
– concrete 4m3
– 100MM drainage pipe with coconut coating, 24 running meters
– tanned collecting pipe 400MM 3 running meters
-1 tee 100MM

Stage 2: Placing the polyester pool on the foundation slab and its assembly

– Styrodur, thickness 5 CM, quantity 24m2
– gray tape 1 pc
– assembly glue 5 PCS
– construction foam 16 PCS
– concrete block about 130pcs
– stone to cover the drainage pipe 2500KG
– dry concrete for the pool backfill: about 6 m3

A total of around EUR 2,500

Placing the basin + making the swimming pool and electrical installations: it was done by the assembly team: cost about EUR 4,500

Also Construction of a garden house in which pool equipment has been installed:

EUR 4,000

Purchase of a polyester pool and selected equipment:

Fiberglass swimming pool Donar in white color, dimensions 6.50 x 3.00 x 1.55 m insulated with polyurethane foam
Skimmer standard wide
Circulation nozzle 2 pcs
Batory 2 filter with America 13m3 pump
Multicolor LED lamp with remote control 2 pcs with 100W transformer and WiFi controller
Filtration mounting kit 1 pc
Hayward vacuum cleaner
Chlorine electrolysis KLX
Heat pump 7 kW inverter + bypass:

EUR 13,000

Transport and unloading : EUR 1,500

De Luxe pool enclosure in anthracite color : EUR 10,000

Construction of a terrace from a high-quality composite board with an area of approximately 55 m2:

EUR 15,000

Fiberglass pool total cost. Whole project

The total amounts to approximately EUR 52,000

Generally speaking prices will vary from country to country. In Western European countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands or Belgium, total costs can be 30-40% higher. I also met with projects where these costs were lower, because the pool owner was able to do most of the work on his own.

Obviously, fiberglass pool total cost can be reduced. You don’t have to choose such a wide range of equipment. Read here how you can save money by building a polyester pool.
Read also about 5 things that are not worth saving on when buying a polyester pool.

To sum up I am happy to talk and share my experience. Write in the comment additional questions that bother you. Read other posts if you find them interesting. But if you are already at this stage, basically contact me for the valuation of your dream pool.

Fiberglass pool in white color with pool enclosure in anthracite color
Fiberglass pool in Fiberglass pool in white color with pool enclosure in anthracite color

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