Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Fiberglass Pool: A Comprehensive Overview


Many different factors influence the selection of Your perfect fiberglass pool size. I will discuss them below. Taking them into account will certainly affect the level of satisfaction with the choice made. I also have very good news. On the example of the offer of polyester pools from DreamPools, I will prove that in almost every size available on the market, you can find a polyester pool that will be comfortable to use, will work both as a place to relax and play, and can be fitted in almost any location and terrain conditions .

1. Assessing Available Space for Your Perfect fiberglass pool size

Before embarking on your fiberglass pool journey, take a close look at the available space in your backyard. Accurate measurements are essential to make an informed decision. Consider the shape and dimensions of your property, along with any potential obstacles such as trees, utility lines, or existing structures. This initial assessment will serve as the foundation for selecting a pool size that seamlessly fits your outdoor area. Fiberglass pools, thanks to the ease and speed of assembly and the fact that they come to us from the factory as a ready-made basin, have a very wide range of applications and possibilities of locating on the property. They can be installed next to the house as an extension of the terrace, but they can also be installed on recreational plots by the lake or in the mountains.

Small rectangular fiberglass pool by the lake

2. Lifestyle Considerations

Your lifestyle plays a significant role in determining the ideal size for your fiberglass pool. Are you looking for a pool primarily for relaxation and leisure? Or do you envision an active space for swimming laps and hosting pool parties? Understanding how you intend to use the pool will help guide you towards an appropriate size. Larger pools provide more space for recreational activities, while smaller pools might be more suitable for intimate gatherings. You must know that now not only the larger size of the pool will give you more opportunities to use it. Devices such as swimming machines or hydromassages mean that already in the 6-meter-long pool you can professionally practice swimming or experience treatments like in a professional SPA.

3. Your Family Needs

Consider the size of your family and whether you have children or plan to in the future. A family with children might opt for a larger pool to accommodate play areas and water games. On the other hand, a smaller family or empty nesters might prefer a more modest pool size that fits their needs. Additionally, consider the ages of family members and their swimming abilities to ensure safety and comfort. See how it looks on my example. My family consists of 5 people. We have 3 school children and a medium sized garden: about 250 m2. We have a rectangular Donar pool measuring 6.50 x 3.00 x 1.55 m. In everyday use, the pool works great. No one has ever complained about having little room to play or swim. Children freely jump into the pool and spend time in it using various sizes of inflatable pool accessories. Garden parties in a larger group are also not a problem when it comes to access to the pool. We recently hosted a birthday party for my youngest son. 15 invited friends and colleagues used our swimming pool without any problems, having a great time at the same time. Of course, I could have a swimming pool 2-3 meters longer, but it would involve reducing the area of ​​​​the garden, which would not quite suit me. I consider my choice optimal, because I have a professional, sufficiently large swimming pool and a sufficiently large green area divided into a recreational part and a floral and vegetable part. It is worth remembering that our living space, which we arrange, meets various needs.

Rectangular fiberglass pool full of inflatable pool toys
My fiberglass pool Donar with dimensions 6,50 x 3,00 x 1,55m will accommodate all possible inflatable pool toys

4. Aesthetic Appeal

The visual impact of your fiberglass pool cannot be underestimated. The size of the pool should complement the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space. A well-proportioned pool can enhance the beauty of your landscape and create a harmonious atmosphere. A professional pool designer can help you choose a size that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and adds value to your property.
Based on my observations, I clearly state that the simplicity of form, regular shapes and sharp lines is a definitely dominant trend on the polyester pool market. I reccomend You to read more detailed information about choosing the most suitable fiberglass pool model.

5. Budget and Maintenance

Your budget is a crucial factor in selecting the perfect fiberglass pool size. Larger pools generally come with higher installation costs, increased water usage, and potentially higher maintenance expenses. Assess your budget not only for the initial installation but also for long-term upkeep. Finding a balance between size and budget is essential to ensure your fiberglass pool remains a source of enjoyment without becoming a financial burden. Each additional meter is not only a higher purchase cost of the pool, but also higher costs of earthworks, pool assembly, terrace construction, pool cover or operating costs. So the total price difference between a 6 meter and an 8 meter pool can be really significant. It is therefore worth doing a thorough analysis before making a choice.

6. Local Regulations and Permits

Before finalizing your pool size, research local regulations and obtain any necessary permits. Zoning laws, setback requirements, and other restrictions might impact the size and location of your fiberglass pool. Failure to comply with these regulations could lead to costly fines and delays. Consulting with a professional pool installer or local authorities can help you navigate this aspect effectively. I’ll use an example here. Many Belgian and French customers buy the following pools from DreamPools. Bari with dimensions of 3.50 x 2.20 x 1.10 m and Palermo 4.50 x 2.50 x 1.40 m. Interestingly, these pools are bought even by owners of quite large gardens. This is due to local regulations that favor the construction of swimming pools of this size. Investors are exempt from many formal requirements on the way to building their own garden pool, which is why they often make such and no other choice.

7. Future Resale Value

More and more often, a professional garden pool is treated as an essential element of a comfortable home, just like a garage or a large terrace. Therefore, an investment in it has a significant impact on the attractiveness and real value of real estate in the near and distant future.

Conclusion: Perfect fiberglass pool size

I hope that these theses and given examples will be helpful in making a decision about the perfect fiberglass pool size. It is not about thinking endlessly, because we will never be able to analyze all the factors, but it is worth considering the above few elements through the prism of your own situation. This will make your choice of your own polyester pool more accurate.

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