Unveiling the Ultimate Guide to Fiberglass Pool Enclosure: Dive into the World of Style, Safety, and Savings!

After several years of using my own polyester pool, I can’t imagine leaving it without any cover. It would just be much less convenient to use the fiberglass pool. Each type of fiberglass pool covers will bring some benefits, but I believe that it is worth investing in a professional pool enclosure for a fiberglass pool, because it makes a huge difference

1. Cleaning

Thanks to the pool enclosure, I have to clean my polyester pool much less often. Of course, contaminants such as earth, sand, pollen or insects still get into the pool, but to a much lesser extent. Once every several days, I remove the impurities from the bottom of the pool with a handheld vacuum cleaner connected to a skimmer. Once a week, the cleaning program is performed by the robotic vacuum cleaner and sometimes I will sponge the pool walls at the water level. That’s all. I hardly ever use a net to collect impurities from the water. This really increased the comfort of using the pool and saved a lot of time. I have pool enclosure for my fiberglass pool but in my opinion no matter what fiberglass pool covers type you have, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

Clear polycarnonate and anthracite profiles

2. Fiberglass pool condition

I am convinced that the fiberglass pool covers will contribute to its better appearance in the long term. Of course, a lot depends on the material from which the polyester pool is made, but thanks to the pool enclosure over my fiberglass pool Donar from DreamPools, dirt does not eat into the walls of the pool, and less sunlight reaches its surface. Thanks to this, after several years of use, the walls in my pool are smooth and the color is still intense. It really makes a big difference.

3. Water temperature and its condition

Since I have a pool enclosure, the water is definitely warmer and there are no big temperature differences between cool mornings and warmer afternoons. In addition, you can heat the water to the optimum temperature at the beginning of the season much faster and maintain it throughout the season. This will contribute to significant electricity savings. For the vast majority of the day, the roof is placed over the pool. I only leave the door ajar so that there is a breeze. It is also much easier to keep the water in top condition. Despite having an automatic chlorinator, there were situations that the water got cloudy, or there was a coating on the walls, sometimes difficult to remove. I had to learn how to react in such situations to quickly bring the water to full clarity. Since I have a roof, such situations do not happen.

4. Safety

Thanks to the roof, my wife and I have much more peace. Children can swim, but it’s better to keep an eye on them anyway. They quickly got used to the fact that the pool is covered and that you need permission to open the door. Interestingly, they have more fun swimming in a covered pool than in an open one. The roofing also gives great comfort when you are away from home. We can leave and have peace of mind.

Pool enclosure door lockable
Lockable door in pool enclosure

5. There are different types of fiberglass pool covers but pool enclosure is the best one

What I personally love about my roof is its phenomenal appearance. Segments made of transparent polycarbonate and profiles in anthracite color make the pool look sensational and completely change the face of the garden. The whole property gains a completely different standard. You can choose standard pool enclosure in arch shape or Premium more rectangular. Both looks very good and change totaly garden character. Flat rails make the individual segments of the roof, despite their considerable weight, very easy to move. In addition, each segment can be locked separately, and the door is lockable. I do not remember a situation when a more thorough cleaning of the roof was needed. Sometimes it is enough to rinse them with water from a garden hose.

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